Music, beauty, art and maths


It’s spring.  We have been practising 2 French songs. There is music in the air. Another song’s lyrics are ringing in our ears a little: “come sing with me“, it says.

We came across a beautifully-crafted music video called Notes on a triangle, alternatively called a “waltz of geometry”. It’s creative, wonderful and inspiring.

It got us marveling at how there is maths in music and beauty in both (one of the most prominent mathematicians living today wrote recently about how the same part of the brain that appreciates beauty in music lights up at the appreciation of mathematical beauty); and NYU neurologist Oliver Sacks famously told us some time ago (see his Musicophilia, or a New York Times review of the book here) that some of us see colours in music (“synesthesia”).  We are also enjoying this other beautifully-made music video called the “Dance of harmony” (we’ve called it “Bach and the dancing circles” – it is set to Bach’s most famous Prelude)!

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