Enjoy “beauty + love” with The Classical Singers this summer and get into the dancing mood

This summer, having just earlier spent time with a number of our musical friends at a concert at the HKAPA, we are now reprising our “heaven + earth, beauty + love” theme with the internationally renowned Ping & Ting piano duo in our first full-length concert at Asia Society on 2 September 2017.  We will have these famously pianistic twin sisters play a favourite piece – theirs and ours – Brahm’s Liebeslieder waltzes Op.52a, we will do a more in-depth “heaven + earth” segment, and we will sing a number of beautifully lyrical songs by American composers who certainly have been partially and indirectly influenced by the European tradition of Schubert, Brahms and Schumann.

See and share our e-invite with your friends.




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